Printed satin pants
Long jogger trousers
Long jogger pants
Denim Pants - Karrí
Long printed pants
Long Trousers - Rafaela
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Long jogger pants

Women trousers

Our pants for women are ideal for those who appreciate enjoying the little things: a meeting with friends, savoring a delicious coffee by the sea or traveling.

The comfort and versatility of our pants will be your allies this season.

Fashionable women's trousers

The way you dress defines you and at Koala Bay we want the texture, softness, quality and colors of our pants to make you feel unique and special. Classic or modern, casual or formal, subtle tones or black... all our women's pants are designed and made with a unique and modern style so that you can wear them at any time of the year and for any occasion that comes your way.

Women's dress trousers that are most popular

You can find a wide catalog of women's pants from which to choose the ones you like the most. Variety in colors, patterns, styles...

Combine them with the rest of women's clothing and create a spectacular look for that meeting with friends or getaways to the beach that you love so much.

Browse our online store and create unique looks that reflect your essence, they are sure to be ideal!

What pants feel better? This will always depend on your constitution. If you are tall, dress pants or wide or flared pants are a sure hit, as they flatter and slim your legs more. If, on the other hand, you are short, we recommend black, high-waisted pants, since they will make your legs longer. The most important thing is that you like them and enjoy all your plans. Fun is guaranteed with Koala clothing!